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Our Story

Born out of a deep love for the natural healing properties of plants, Instil cultivates simple daily rituals to enrich your wellbeing and inspire mindful awareness and presence.

Instil’s story is steeped in a profound appreciation for the natural magic and allyship that resides in the world of plants. We've embarked on a journey to cultivate simple daily rituals that elevate your well-being, and it begins with a passion for harnessing the incredible healing properties of botanicals.

Herbalist and Nutritionist Halley Thika, the heart and soul behind Instil, discovered the transformative power of herbs on her personal health journey. Today, she passionately shares her love for mindful plant-based healing and the art of natural living through our exquisite Instil therapeutic herbal formulations. With unwavering conviction, Halley believes that Mother Nature offers us the finest resources for safeguarding our health and emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.