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Article: Why Blends Are More Therapeutic Than Single Herb Teas.

Why Blends Are More Therapeutic Than Single Herb Teas.

The answer is herbal synergy… 

Herbal synergy Is the process in which the energetics and constituents present in two or more herbs combine to produce an overall effect that is greater than the sum of the individual herb. The synergy between herbs can result in increased potency, efficacy and therapeutic benefits whilst maintaining balance within the body. All herbs provide different therapeutic actions, and there are thousands of unique compounds responsible for these effects. 

Herbal medicine recognises the value of a holistic approach, prioritizing holism, in which any symptom or disease is seen as a part of a larger whole. Modern medicine, however, tends towards a reductionist approach in which it believes that organs or systems can be viewed and treated in isolation. This has led to the modern-day practice of using single constituents to achieve desired outcomes. However, this approach fails to honour the human body's complexity and intricate synergistic workings. In comparison, traditional herbal medicine has always known how interconnected every aspect of our being is.

At Instil, every blend is formulated with holism in mind, considering the wonderfully intricate and interconnectedness of our whole body and seeking to enhance therapeutic effects through the synergy of the herbs.